December 19, 2016

『殿様の宴』-- Banquet of the King

Hellooo friends! I'm back! Finally I get some holiday from school! I'm feel blessed even now, hehe (笑)

Yesterday I went to Gedung Kesenian Jakarta to watch Ejuku Theater's performance, Tono-sama no Utage!!! (^ ^)Y<yey) It's my second time I watch theater, and it's ENJUKU!

November 15, 2016

New Video Update!

Hello guys!!! OMG I've been gone for 5 months (0.o) hehehe...
Lately I've been busy because of my internship. I worked at DISCOVER JKT, American Airlines.

And now, I'm starting to write a fan fiction on Wattpad! I even make a new account, feel free to follow me there~ At first, I make Wattpad account to read fanfic, but lately I feel really urged to express my imagination too! but I haven't post it yet :P

By the way, I just want to inform you that I added UTA PRI LOVE LIVE in my video list! Check it out here!

Hope you have a nice day!


July 12, 2016

Long Break!!

Hello to you! Well, I've been missing from my blog for a month. Why? Because I am finally, enjoying my long awaited school break for one month!! \(^_^)/ *yeey
BUT! The sad thing is, my break is almost over (TT△TT)

I'm very busy from the first day of my break because I had a church activities for 10 days. It's like a training camp and I really look forward to it every year because all my long distance friends are coming too. But, they not allow us to use our phone or laptop during the activities... So, you got it.

And finally I'm back from my church activities, my country celebrate Eid Mubarak and my family went out together to Mekarsari Fruit Garden.

June 7, 2016

キラフェス2016 in Saitama Super Arena

Ahh! I'm so happy and also sad because 『Kiramune Music Festival 2016』in Saitama Super Arena finally ended! Now let's round up girls and wait for the DVD/Blu-Ray~
For now, I already got the set list here yey!
And some fans already upload the pictures of the pamphlet book on tumblr!

I look at the photos from the pamphlet and I found it very exciting because all of them really cool and some of them were different from usual, like Ryohei and Miyu!! Kamiya is cute as ever (////▽////)

OMG time flies very fast. I knew Kirafes is on May and I thought it still a long way to go. But actually I was very busy and suddenly Kirafes is already over.

On Saturday and Sunday, I was following the report from the people who watch Kirafes from twitter. Can't wait for the picture update from the members!! ( > 3 < )////

From the reports on twitter, NamiDai and Nobu were flying! Kamiya sang Danger Heaven? and he wear the same costume from the PV!! It also said that Kamiya change his clothes on stage, etc etc. Anyway I felt so happy while reading the twitter! Also, some fans spotted OnoD and Iwata at Kirafes on the first day!
Kirafes 2016 backstage (TRIGNAL with Nobu) from Yonaga Tsubasa's twitter
At Kirafes 2016, they announce that Kamiya Hiroshi's 2nd Live are coming on September 2016! Really can't wait for it!

Next is DGS EXPO 2016! Totally regret living in Indonesia because there will be Live Viewing from Hongkong, Kaohsiung and Taiwan, and none in Indonesia... (TT TT)

Well, enjoy your day!

June 6, 2016

Ennichisai 2016!

FINALLY!!! My final exam has over! yeey *カンパイ* \(^ ^)/
*sorry, it took time more than I thought to write this post(笑)
This time I would like to write about Ennichisai 2016 that was held on 14th and 15th May 2016. Ennichisai is the biggest Japanese Festival in Asia outside Japan itself. The festival took place at Little Tokyo Street around Blok M.